The reason why you SHOULDN’T take your responsibilities

One of the most precious things we have as human being, living in a “developed society” is freedom.

Our progenitors fought and died for it and we are one of the first generation of people living in a “free” world. We are free to go where we want, we are free to choose our job, we are free to choose our partner and to change our future.

We are ultimately free to change our life when we want and how we want.

But how can we be certain of this?

We don’t have a dictator issuing rules and regulations, we are in charge of ourselves.

Regrettably, we still share and experience miserable periods, the reality is we are not free at all – we are slaves to ourselves.

Our lives are only a miserable fiction and we are not free at all: we are slaves of ourselves.

Let me explain this further (my poor knowledge of English will not help me)

Our demise begins when we are born, we were instructed to take our responsibilities –

“You have to act in this way because that is how real men/women behave”

“We are advised to go to University – otherwise you will find no job”

“You have to be a loyal to your partner because you loose your morals if you do”

“Get married and have kids because you are already 30 years old!!”

You get the picture…

The reason why humans have been so successful and have conquered the world is because we are the only animal in the Earth able to reason.

“Logos” (the rational principle that governs and develops the universe) is what characterize us mainly.

Since the COGNITIVE REVOLUTION around 70 000 years ago, we have been able to go beyond the reality, to go beyond the simple things we could touch, smell or see.

We started creating common beliefs (the belief of a God taking care of us, the belief of a nation that has to be defense from someone else etc..) and we managed to cooperate together, building villages, cities, empires, republics and…Gods.

There is no way to make thousands of people working together unless they work together  for a common illusion.

If you ask to a monkey to give you the only banana it has promising it limitless bananas in the monkey’s paradise it will deny it. It will never accept  (Harari dixit).

With a human you can do it because we have the possibility to go beyond the reality of facts in name of something bigger.

That is our biggest strength and our biggest ruin because we build thousands of golden jails inside ourselves.

Day after day we accumulate tensions after tensions because we are force to do things we don’t like and we don’t want.

Forced by ourselves….

Victims of our own mind we kept living a miserable life scared and worried for things that don’t exist.

Our problems come basically from the fact that there is a fight inside us between the ethical and moral code imposed by our parents, by societies and by religion and OUR OWN CODE composed by  things we want to do in our own way.

In 99,9% of the cases the code we received from the society is much stronger than ours and we end up following it. So today we decide to go to University because our parents told us or put pressure on us. Then we choose that career because that is the natural consequence after studying so hard. Tomorrow we will get married and we will have kids because THAT IS HOW SOCIETY WORKS! Because that is why we are on this planet: keep reproducing and so on.

We study medicine for 6 years and then we will end up doing the doctors just because we have studied for it. Where is written that I cannot do the post man even if I got a degree in another field??

Again: because we are slaves of ourselves and of the preconceptions of the society.

We choose a partner and we are loyal because that is how a real man or a real woman behave.

Regrettably, there is written nowhere how a “real” person should be. All this rules and prejudices are sons of the decisions that someone else, hundreds of years ago, took for ourselves.

Imposing our code on the society’s one is the real key to be happy, according to me.

But it is fucking hard!!!!!

Responsibilities are defined by our society and beliefs; they change according to the latitude, to the hystorical period we are living and according to other variables. Ephemeral rules that we inherit and that ruin our life.

Yes ,basically I am saying all the opposite of what you have been told!

Day after day we accumulate tensions because we don’t really do what we want and, after a while, we start having the symptoms. These symptoms could be menthal issues, chronic pain or skin diseases etc…; doesn’t matter. We will start paying back a life spent doing things we didn’t really want to do.

At the conclusion of this delirium I can say that replacing completely the ethical and moral code we received with our own one IS PRETTY IMPOSSIBLE,BUT, WE CAN FIND A COMPROMISE TO LIVE OUR LIFE BETTER. WE REALLY HAVE TO STOP TO DO THINGS WE DON’T WANT WHATEVER THEY ARE  AND TO START IMPOSING OUR RULES.

Little by little, in our daily routine


Thanks for reading and thanks to Stefano Benemeglio who inspired me.


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