Are you able to take responsibilities?

One of the most annoying client any medical professional has is the one who wants the miracle.

Talking about my experience as a physio and hypnotherapist a good 20% of our daily patients is the one who come to the clinic moaning for a low back pain (for example) that, according to him and to the GP, is due to a damage between L5-S1.

The patient comes to the clinic very worried and concerned; the MRI had spoken and the verdict is ruthless: spine degeneration!!! (?)

The guy comes inside my room: he is 20kg overweight and he took the lift to join the clinic at the first floor.

The anamnesis starts and I try to get a good overview of the medical condition but the patient starts giving the first signs of impatience: I came for my bloody spine degeneration, treat it and make me feel better I bet he would rather to say.

Even if he is reluctant he answers to all my question and the summary is scaring: he doesn’t do any physical activity (he works 50 hours a week and after it he goes home or to the pub), he consumes a notable amount of alchol during the week, the diet is full of fat and sweets without any consideration of fruit and vegetable, he smokes 20 cigarettes a day, he spends the spare time and the week end on the sofa or in the pub and he takes the car even to go from the kitchen to the living room.

“How can I do now? The doctor said I have a degeneration that’s why I have pain in the back. Can you fix me?”

The second session, at the objective assessment, the range of motion of the spine is better, there is less tension on the soft tissues, and you can feel the client moving better but, BUT, he still refers a terrible pain: maybe even worse.

The client is desperate and he wants you to use the magic stick.

At this point  I tell him what I already told him at the initial assessment:


“But what If comes back again? Maybe is better if I speak with the surgeon and we can fix it” he replies scared

Again I tell him that he cannot get better if HE IS NOT READY TO RENOUNCE TO THE BAD HABITS THAT CAUSED THE PROBLEM.

You have to move, to walk more often, to reduce drastically the amount of alchol you drink, to smoke less,to spend the week end walking, going to the park etc.. you have to eat better ETC.. ETC…

The patient at that point says thanks, he pays and he doesn’t come back.

Lack of communication? Bad management of the problem? Or simply, no intentions of taking any responsibilities??

No shrortcuts to the success or to a better life. NO shortcuts for the resolution of a problem: only hard fuckin work.

The deep reason , in a lot of  cases, is that most of the people are not able to take responsibilities: they lay the blame on other people or on unchangeable situation (like the spine degeneration or whatever it is).

Remember that the responsibility for your health is yours and ONLY yours. The professional you pay can just show you the way you have to take  but most of the responsibilities are on you!

So, Do you really want to get better?

This case is a provocation and a little bit exaggerated but it helps to describe a category of people we meet very often in our life.

Thanks for reading


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