My Approach

Everybody wants to get the most out of life but that possibility can be blocked because of an injury. This can leave you feeling stuck and frustrated, anxious and alone. Unable to enjoy life fully. I understand how and why that can happen and have a plan to help you resolve it.

Living in London, commuting to work with public transports, changing four lines of underground a day, dealing with rent and work deadlines consumes your resilience and affect your body massively. If you add to this a physical injury that stops you from doing the things you love, decreasing the quality of your life, can only make the situation worse. The role of emotions in the genesis and maintenance of physical issues is still completely ignored. The newest discovery in the world of cognitive neuroscience says instead that we cannot ignore them when we approach injuries and pain.

My unique approach to the management of musculo-skeletal disorders and chronic pain will be specifically tailored on your needs. It is a mix of manual techniques , therapeutic exercise, mindfulness and cognitive therapies.

This approach, which will target both your mind and your body, will help you to recover from your injury much quicker and effectively than other approaches purely body-based and will minimise relapses.

My approach will look after all these aspects and will help you to fix your injuries and to decompress from the daily stress.

Nothing standardised, no protocols, not a basic package, but something tailored specifically on you. A rehab program that will fit your necessities and the time you can commit to it.

If you are tired of being in pain, if you can’t wait to go back to live a full life please don’t procrastinate even more and do something for you now!

For a quick booking please WhatsApp me at: +447849888725